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Farm in ONE

Create a Spray Schedule with the goal of increasing crop performance.

Produce a spray diary, collect and view pest and disease scouting data, select suitable chemicals, and calculate application rates.


Our Spray Schedule is a interactive spray dairy that has the ability to interact between irrigation and spray timetables – allowing better interaction between the two activities.


Spray operators are provided with detailed information including chemical dilution rates, MSDS, and maps of the areas to be sprayed.  Individual areas that have been sprayed can also be tracked automatically via GPS. On completion, reports of spray tasks can be generated automatically. Reports can be customised to suit your industry quality assurance requirements


Spray records- compliant with FreshCare and HARPS.

Spray Schedule Display
Spray Schedule

With the Farm in ONE Spray Schedule module you and your team can:

Mark and Report on observations – pests, disease, hydration and weeds.

Create recommendations for spraying.

Generate reports to get snapshots of all aspects of your spraying activities.

Plan your Spray Schedule in advance to enable optimum time management.

Assign your workers, tractor area, chemical, date and time to an individual spray task.

Spray Task activity is fully recorded through Farm in ONE and includes photo/video abilties.

Setup all data you need such as sprayers and their specifications, condition types and add inventory to your products.

Video: Generate Spray Reports

Video: Pest Observation and Recommendations

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