Drone Farm Mapping multi-spectral


The creators of Farm in ONE believe that if precision technology has driven the farming revolution of recent years then monitoring from the sky will drive the next. Aerial imagery can provide dimensionally accurate photo-maps, 3D maps with accuracy equal to RTK GPS systems, and multi-spectral crop health maps. Accurate maps highlight exactly which areas of your crop need closer examination, meaning less time spent scouting.

Analysis of aerial imagery allows you to build and execute a precision plan so you get the best out of your crops. The ultra-high resolution imagery available from unmanned aircraft complements the intense management practices in the farming systems using horticulture and mixed cropping. Functions include layered mapping, adding areas, drone and global imaging, added information of the crop in the block and locating devices or areas on the farm.

Mapping Multi Spectral Crop screen
Farm Mapping

Capture accurate, high-resolution data for monitoring and decision making.

Survey and access farm dam sites accurately at low cost.

Crop planting information.

Optimise irrigation and drainage with 3D imaging.

Map out custom blocks and multiple layers.

Use multi-spectral imaging to assess crop health from planting to harvest.

Aerial imagery lets you get up-close, on-demand images when needed to suit your crop management.

Drone Imagery File Importing.

Video: Import Shape Files and Edit Blocks


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