Farm in ONE complete display



Farm in ONE provides advanced total farm management in one platform that encompasses monitoring devices, irrigation automation, drone aerial mapping, spray scheduling and general farm tasks.  

Complete farm management icon
Complete Farm Management
Total control in daily farm to farm operations via the touch of a button.
Irrigation Automation icon
Irrigation Automation
Allows devices to not just run systems on and off but lets the customer monitor, control and change systems where needed.
Spray diary and scheduling icon
Spray Schedule
An innovative feature that integrates spray scheduling, scouting apps and timelines combining them with irrigation schedules and weather data.  All easily viewed with multiple mobile devices.
Mapping icon
Incorporating surveillance, mapping and networking options.  This feature offers a visual database so you can track crop health over time utilising multi-spectral imagery allowing you to target important areas and issues and increase farm profit.
Farm Monitoring icon
By measuring data you can gain control over your irrigation schedule resulting in improved crop efficiency. Real time sensor readouts available on all hand held devices that can be graphed at critical stages.
Staff and Task Management icon
General Tasks
Our state of the art program offers task management offline and online on all devices allowing for efficient communication between management and staff.