Tractor Worker

General Tasks

In order to provide complete farm management Farm in ONE has a task manager optimised for the daily requirements of farming operations. The task manager is available as a web app on mobile and tablet devices allowing for efficient communication and tracking between management and staff members. While the program needs an internet connection to send and receive messages, all reporting can be done offline and will automatically refresh/update once in a Wi-Fi hotspot area.

Farm Task Manager with Alerts

Use the Task Manager to:

  • Set alerts and make notes
  • Set, Schedule and Track tasks for Staff
  • Staff can receive work orders and log completions
  • Set up Staff profiles including Farm in ONE access limitations, professional and personal details, and emergency contacts
  • Complete and submit OH&S forms on the job
  • Generate reports on task times and completions
  • Usable even without internet connection
  • Create GPS Markers, upload Geo-tagged photos and report on repairs and issues

Easy and Efficient Communication between Management, Staff, and Contractors

Farm Staff Management

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General Tasks
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