• Farm in ONE

    The Farm in ONE project is the product of 20 years of front-line development and design of agricultural technology. It became apparent from our Australian and overseas customers that automated precision agriculture was more than measuring soil moisture levels and scheduled irrigation but also encompassed whole-farm management including spray records, staff management, mapping, and OH&s forms in one easy application.  Our customers frequently complained about having to use multiple programs which then didn’t integrate with each other.  Over the last three years, the team at HTM Complete has researched and developed the latest product for farm management called Farm in ONE.  

    The Farm in ONE program gathers data and knowledge then implements problem solving and recommendations. This is then recorded and actioned, complying with all current production standards and legislation. Farm in ONE replaces all of these and can be used with existing equipment saving the farmer extra expense in having to change all the equipment over to meet the software they are currently using.

    Farm in ONE provides a solution that directly contributes to maximising a primary producer’s yields, profitability, minimizes the producers’ labor input, environmental demands, and potential damage, by automating, managing, and recording all farm tasks.

  • HTM Complete

      HTM Complete is a commercial business trading under our parent company Hydrotech Monitoring Pty Ltd. We are based on the Atherton Tablelands in Far       North Queensland and have 15 years of experience in a number of fields including irrigation, automation, monitoring, and agronomy. However, while these are our specialties, we now provide guidance and expertise using the latest technology with our complete farm management app with our latest product –                       Farm in ONE. We are a nationally and internationally recognised business with experience in innovative automated irrigation systems in France,                   New Zealand, PNG, and the USA.

    HTM Complete believes that while irrigation is the most influential input with regard to crop growth we understand that there are other vital factors to be acknowledged. Therefore, we now provide subscriptions to cloud-based programs which include a variety of individual or combined packages which will take care of your total farm management needs, all controlled from a PC, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Mission & Vision Statement

    Vision statement:

    Farm in ONE is leading the way in future farming.

    Mission statement:

    Farm in ONE’s mission is for all farmers to operate effectively, sustainably, and cost-efficiently using future advancements in farm management.


Fabian Gallo

Fabian Gallo

Position: Director/Sales Manager & Founder
Phone: 0419 640 362
Email: fabian@htmcomplete.com.au

Fabian Gallo is a specialist in irrigation agronomy with 15 years’ experience within the industry and 25 years experience in farming.  He has provided Irrigation Agronomy training within Australia and Europe and run a number of workshops for DPI, BSES, CSIRO and IA.  Fabian oversees all aspects of the company providing leadership for new feature project developments and growth of HTM Complete. He offers consulting advice services to help clients solve their challenging farm

management and irrigation automation matters.  Fabian works in with other key advisors from a diverse range of companies in order to build a team of experts who can contribute to all aspects of Advancing Farm Management and custom designs solutions using existing equipment.  Fabian is the principal point of contact for all major projects.


Graduate Certificate in Irrigation Agronomy – Charles Stuart University, 2006

Fabian Gallo

Director/Sales Manager & Founder

Fabian Gallo is a specialist in irrigation agronomy with 15...

Stefanie Huegli-Horner

Stefanie Huegli-Horner

Position: Operations/Finance Manager & Co-Founder
Email: stef@hydrotechmonitoring.com.au

Stefanie Horner is our Operational Manager and her in-depth knowledge of electronic devices used in farm management allows her to serve her clients with a high level of professionalism and integrity.  Stef has many years’ experience with electronics, programming and as an industrial control electrician.  Stef’s clients continually benefit from her broad industry experience ensuring they are kept well informed of the entire process. Alongside this Stef manages the finances and HTM business development program.


MBA Business—Sunshine Coast University 2009

Bachelor of Mechatronics/Mechanical Engineering

University of Southern Queensland 2016

Stefanie Huegli-Horner

Operations/Finance Manager & Co-Founder

Stefanie Horner is our Operational Manager and her in-depth knowledge...

James Afford

James Afford

Position: Lead Engineer & Co-Founder

James has 26 years of experience specialising in irrigation automation, designing hydraulics and electronic devices in communication & control, and developing software programs.  His experience includes the design of digital/micro controller based printed circuit boards and programming firmware and Pascal/Delphi and C#.  James provides of all our clients and the HTM team with daily tech support and expert knowledge in custom designed solutions.


Certificate IV in Business Computing

James Afford

Lead Engineer & Co-Founder

James has 26 years of experience specialising in irrigation automation,...

Eugene Kerner

Lead Back End Developer

Daniel Gibbs

Lead Front End Developer

Karen Gallo

Administration Officer