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Farm in ONE allows you to create an in depth spray schedule with the goal of increasing your crop’s performance.  It doesn’t just produce a spray diary but allows you to collect and view pest and disease scouting data, select suitable chemicals, calculate application rates.

Green tractor using spray schedule to spray field

Spray operators are provided with detailed information including chemical dilution rates, MSDS, maps of the areas to be sprayed.  Actual sprayed areas that have been sprayed optionally can also be tracked automaticallly via GPS. On completion, reports of spray tasks can be generated automatically. Report formats can be customised to suit your industry quality assurance requirements.

Spray Schedule is a interactive spray package that also has the ability to interact between irrigation and spray timetables allowing better communication between the two activities.


Some of the benefits of using the Farm In One system are:

  • Increase yield and quality while reducing chemical inputs.
  • Access, record and act with the touch of a button.
  • Map crop health and target inputs more effectively.
  • Accurately map disease and pest outbreaks then prioritise for targeted action.
  • Plan spray schedules and send directly to the tractor.
  • Automatically track spray events for efficient use of time and resources.
  • Automatically generate reports for quality assurance.
Spray Schedule Screenshot showing Spray Diary and Spray Report