Using tools such as soil moisture probes, weather sensors and plant sensors allows you to monitor and manage irrigation for maximum results. Farm in ONE provides the latest technology, not to replace an irrigator's experience but to complement and work alongside it to add value in measuring what a crop really requires. You can collect multiple types of data such as soil moisture, plant and weather which is then easily managed and viewed with modern graphics.  This function is user friendly and gives you live stream data at your fingertips. 

Farm monitoring package screenshot showing stacked chart generation and soil monitoring measurements


Key elements of Monitoring:

  • See your field sensor outputs in real-time.
  • Make informed decisions with weather and soil data at your finger tips.
  • Maximise yield and optimise input costs.
  • Minimise plant stress and reduce fruit or flower drop.
  • Fertilise at optimum times.
  • Add notes to graphs at critical stages in crop development.
  • Real-time data from plant, water soil and atmosphere.
  • Use the latest technology to increase crop yield, quality and profitability.
  • Integrate moisture probes, weather data and plant sensors in farm management.
  • View monitoring data on any mobile device.
  • Utilise all available data from soil probes, soil moisture, soil temperature and electrical conductivity.  

Weather Dashboard screenshot