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Irrigation technology is continually being improved with precise monitoring & control possible for any type and size of farming enterprise.  Automation complements the fine level of control possible with modern irrigation systems by saving time and energy and helps you to achieve maximum productivity from the water you apply.  Combined with monitoring, irrigation automation contributes to the profitability and sustainability of any farming operation.  Automation systems can include fertigation which allows further economy and precise control of fertiliser applications.

Farm in ONE's Irrigation Automation is a feature that allows the use of third-party devices to collect data and have access to such as pumps, tanks and valves.  It also allows the user to have access to the status of multiple systems, manage fertigation controllers, set up internal product inventory and generate reports for irrigation water usage and fertilizer product usage.

Screenshot showing schedule Tank readout on program

The program has a custom designed dashboard which provides access to different control systems used by multiple electronic devices such as sensors and probes, that can show what systems are on and off.  This also allows the user to set different irrigation schedules.

Key Elements of Irrigation Automation: 

  • Maximise results from energy input.
  • Reduce labour & improve time management.
  • Minimise input losses of fertiliser and pesticides.
  • Apply correct amount of water, without wastage to improve crop performance.
  • Document successful irrigation and fertigation strategies. 
  • Control variable drive pump set-points.
  • Maximise results from energy input.


Automated irrigation equipment in dry field Crops being drip irrigated Soil moisture probe schematic and explanation