In order to provide complete farm management Farm in ONE has a task manager optimised for the daily requirements of farming operations. The task manager is available as a web app on mobile and tablet devices allowing for efficient communication and tracking between management and staff members.

This feature also provides an interactive PDF for job inductions, manuals for repairs and WH&S. 

Man working on back of tractorStaff will receive messages listing any tasks or duties that need to be completed throughout the day, including WH&S documentation and MSDS for specific tasks. Onsite staff members are able to take photos of repairs/issues, write progress reports, create GPS markers at specific sites and set alerts and tasks immediately.  These can all be done via the touch of a button using multiple devices including both Android and Apple systems. While the program needs an internet connection to send and receive messages, all reporting can be done offline and will automatically refresh/update once in a Wi-Fi hotspot area. 

Key elements of our task management system:Repairing a part

  • Schedule and track tasks.
  • Easy and efficient communication between management and team members.
  • Usable even without internet connection.
  • Staff can receive work orders and log completed tasks.
  • Create GPS markers, upload geo-tagged photos and report on repairs and issues.
  • Use the program online and offline** on mobile and tablet devices.
Staff Management and Task Assignment program alert screenshot