To add a ‘Timeline,’ start by clicking on the green ‘Spray Schedule’ tab at the bottom of the screen and selecting the ‘Timeline’ tab.

1)Scroll the mouse on the timeline to see different dates.

2)Click the ‘Reset’ button to reset the timeline to the current date/month.

3)Click the ‘Filter’ button to discuss the selection of different filters available to add to the timeline.

4)Choose between ‘Zones,’ ‘Blocks,’ ‘Bays,’ and ‘Conditions.’

5)Once you have chosen the filters, click ‘Apply’ to add them to the timeline.

6)Click the ‘Set Timeframe’ button to set a timeframe for the timeline.

7)Click on the ‘Calendar’ icon to change the dates.

8)Once the dates have been chosen, click ‘Apply,’ the dates will then be changed on the timeline.