To ‘Setup’ a spray schedule, start by clicking on the green ‘Spray Schedule’ tab at the bottom of the screen and select the ‘Setup’ tab.

Click through all the sections displayed on the screen.

Add products by clicking ‘Import Products.’

In products, click to ‘Add New Products’ and fill out the information, then click ‘Save.’ 

After going through all the tabs, click ‘Import Spray History’ or ‘Export Spray History.’


To view and add to ‘Inventory,’ start by clicking on the green ‘Spray Schedule’ tab at the bottom of the screen and selecting the ‘Inventory’ tab.

To add more of the same item, click on ‘+ add.’

 Click the drop-down tab and select brand variation

Add the batch number, invoice, quantity, Supplier, and the unit price 

Use the calendar icon to enter the date of expiry. 

Setup- Spray/ Spreader  

 To view your ‘Sprayer/ Spreader.’ 

Click the tab Setup, then ‘Sprayer/ Spreader.’ 

To edit your ‘Sprayer/ Spreader.’ 

Click on the edit icon next to the ‘Sprayer/ Spreader.’ 

Use the drop-down tabs to edit the size of the ‘Sprayer/ Spreader.’ 

Condition type

Add a new condition

Click Setup, Condition types, then ‘Add.’

Select the class by clicking the drop-down tab 

Type in the ‘Type’ and select the correct drop-down.

Add a subtype and description 

And select a related treatment 

To edit a Condition 

Click on the Edit icon next to the item


To add an ingredient 

Click ‘Setup’ and then the sub-tab ‘Ingredient.’

Type the name of the ingredient into the bar under ‘Add new Ingredient’ and press ‘Add’

To edit an ingredient, click the edit icon 

Type in the correct name and click save


To add a Supplier 

Click setup, Supplier 

Fill in details including- Name, email, phone number, and address. 

Click save

To edit an existing supplier, click the edit icon next to the Supplier 

Click save after editing 

Crop type 

To add or edit a crop type 

Click setup, crop types

To add a new one-click “add.”