To add an ‘Order,’ start by clicking on the green ‘Spray Schedule’ tab at the bottom of the screen and select the ‘Orders’ tab.

1)Click the ‘Orders’ button to see what orders are: in draft, awaiting approval, approved, awaiting delivery, or complete.

2)Click the ‘Create’ button to add a purchase order.

3)Add the purchase order number then choose who to send the order to.

4)Choose the ordered item or click the ‘Add’ button to add items. Search for an item by barcode or by SKU. Select a product or select a supplier. Add the quantity and price, the total will then show on the right. Once all the information is filled out click the ‘Add Item’ button at the bottom.

5)Add ‘Notes,’ ‘Delivery Address,’ and Trading Name.’

6)Once all information is filled out chose to email the supplier then click ‘Approve.’