To add a ‘Virtual Irrigation Schedule,’ start by clicking on the yellow ‘Monitoring’ tab at the bottom of the screen and selecting the ‘Virtual IRR Schedule’ tab. (To set a virtual irrigation schedule, there needs to be a valve/pump added to the devices section first.)

1)Search for the valve/pump to run the irrigation on.

2)Click start now, and the irrigation will run automatically. There is also an option to click on the timetable tab, and it will show the irrigation that is currently running. The cog icon gives the option to edit/update the virtual irrigation schedule.

3)The option is there to schedule virtual irrigation to run on a later date.

4)Select the valve/pump to run, set the date and time to schedule the irrigation, and add the time the virtual irrigation will run.

5)Click the ‘Calendar’ icon to set a date for the schedule and click the ‘Clock’ icon to set a time.

5)After selecting the date and time, choose to either add a ‘Runtime or ‘Application Rate’ for the virtual irrigation schedule.

6)Once all the information is filled out, click the ‘Schedule’ button.

7)A countdown time will then show in the virtual irrigation schedule to show how long the run has left, or click on the cog icon to edit the date or time for the schedule.

8)Click on the ‘Timetable’ tab to view the irrigation scheduled in your timetable.