To add ‘Charts,’ start by clicking on the yellow ‘Monitoring’ tab at the bottom of the screen and selecting the ‘Charts’ tab.

1)Click the ‘Create Chart’ button to make a chart.

2)A chart will then show up on the screen with the editing mode to ‘Name,’ ‘Add a New Series,’ ‘Calculate,’ ‘Set Y-Axis,’ ‘Reset Series Colours,’ ‘Timeline Reset,’ ‘Display Chart on Selected Makers,’ and to ‘Save.’

3)Fill out the section on the left-hand side, click the arrow in the tab next to the icons on the top right and select a new chart.

4)Click the ‘Add New Series’ button to add a ‘Line,’ ‘Bar,’ or ‘Gantt’ chart to the graph. 

5)Once the information is selected on the graph, click the ‘Add Selected Devices to Graph’ button.

6)The chosen new series will then appear in the chart as either a line, bar, or Gantt chart.

7)Click on the box next to the chart name to change the colours of the chart series.

8)Click the trash can icon on the right of the chart name to remove one of the selected sensors on the chart.

9)Move the bar on the bottom of the graph to show different dates or lengthen the amount shown on the chart.

10)There is also an option to turn on the ruler for vertical and horizontal in-depth information.

11)When editing mode is off, click on the ‘Sub Legend’ button to turn on the legend of all the sensors on the chart.

12)To show the Gauge, click on the plus icon on the right side of the chart to see more in-depth information.

13)The charts icon bar at the top right of the screen will display more information or give the option to add information to get a more accurate reading for the charts.