To add a new ‘Task,’ start by clicking on the black ‘General Tasks’ tab at the bottom of the screen and select the ‘Tasks’ tab.

1)Click on the ‘Add Task’ button, type in a title for the new task, and filter users by their qualifications.

2)Click on the space under ‘Assign To’ and select who to assign a task to. (This person will be notified of the Task via their preferred contact method).

3)Add a Description and click on the space below ‘Category’ to either type in a new category class (and select the option that was added) or select from pre-entered options from the drop-down list that appears when clicking on the space.

4)Click on the ‘Set Location’ button and select the point on the map to assign tasks to.

5)Select the level of a priority either a ‘Low’ or a ‘High’ priority.

6)Choose the state the task is in.

7)Enter the estimated duration of time the task will take and select the date and time this task needs to be completed.

8)hoose to attach an ‘Image,’ ‘Video,’ and/or ‘Document’ by selecting the appropriate icons.

9)Once all the information has been added for the new task click ‘Save New Task.’