To add ‘Staff,’ start by clicking on the black ‘General Tasks’ tab at the bottom of the screen and select the ‘Staff’ tab.

1)Click to ‘Add New Staff Member,’ ‘Add New Staff Positions,’ search for staff, show inactive staff, and see the list of staff that has already been added.

2)To add a new staff member click the ‘Add New Staff Member.’

3)After filling out all the information for adding a new staff member click ‘Save’ and the staff member will be added.

4)To add a new staff position, click ‘Add New Staff Position.’

5)Add the position name and select the colour for the staff position,  edit or delete previously added position names by clicking the ‘Pencil’ icon or the ‘X’ icon.

6)Click the box to show the inactive staff.

7)Click the ‘Pencil’ icon to edit the staff info or the arrow to see contact information.

8)Click the ‘Trash Can’ icon to delete staff members.