To add a ‘Report,’ start by clicking the black ‘General Tasks’ tab at the bottom of the screen and select the ‘Reports’ tab.

1)Click ‘Create Report’ to add a new report to the system.

2)Add the report name and select the date for the report. ‘One Week,’ ‘Once Month,’ or a ‘Custom’ date.

3)Select the report item type either, ‘Task’ or ‘Form.’

4)Choose between, ‘Table,’ ‘Bar,’ or ‘Pie’ for the table type.

5)Select the user’s ‘Role’ for the report.

6)Select the ‘Task Progress’ and the ‘State’ of the report either ‘Low’ or ‘High.’

7)Include the name of the type of report beiing are filling out.

8)Once all the information is filled out click ‘Save.’