To add a ‘Form,’ start by clicking on the black ‘General Tasks’ tab at the bottom of the screen and click on the ‘Forms’ tab.

1)Click ‘New,’ ‘In Progress,’ or ‘Completed’ to see the different forms in each of those sections.

2)To add a new form be in the ‘New’ section of the forms screen and choose the ‘Class,’ ‘Sub Class,’ and ‘Forms’ then click ‘Start Form’ to begin filling out the information.

3)After clicking ‘Start Form’ a new display will come up to add the information to the form that is selected to fill out, there might be more than one page, if so, click the ‘Next’ button until all the information is filled out.

4)The ‘Paperclip’ icon allows you to add more information.

5)Once you have included all the information, click the ‘Sign Signature.’

6)The option is there to either ‘Complete’ the form or ‘Save and Exit’. The ‘Complete’ button will add the form to the ‘Completed’ section and the ‘Save and Exit’ button will add the form to the ‘In Progress’ section.