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To add an ‘Alert,’ start by clicking on the black ‘General Tasks’ tab at the bottom of the screen and select the ‘Alerts’ tab.Alerts tab

1)Click ‘Add Alert’ to enter a new alert into general tasks.

2)An information box will be added to enter all the alert details needed.

3)Start by adding an ‘Alert Name,’ then select the location via ‘GPS’ or ‘Selecting on the Map.’

4)Add a description to include more information.

5)Select or add a category and set the level of priority for the alert.

6)Include ‘Images,’ ‘Videos,’ and/or ‘Documents’ to add more in-depth information for the alert.

7)The option is also available to ‘Assign Task’ to a certain employee and to send a notification to the manager.

8)Once all the information has been added click ‘Create’ and the alert will be made.