Farm in ONE believes that if precision technology has driven the farming revolution of recent years then monitoring from the sky will drive the next.

With Drone Mapping, you can capture high resolution, accurate imagery of your fields – even when there is cloud cover. Drones cover up to a hundred hectares in a single flight, and Farm in ONE have made it affordable to every farmer.

Drone Map Imagery helps you create, select, and combine layers to get your desired overview of your farm. Drone Imagery helps Identify and prioritize problem areas using multi-spectral, infa-red imagery, and accurate maps help highlight exactly which areas of your crop need closer examination, meaning less time spent scouting.

Our Aerial Imagery Processing Suite can optionally generate a 3D profile of your farm to allow for better irrigation and drainage strategies.

You can also process your existing drone Imageries and overlay them your farm. Our analysis of aerial imagery enables you to build and execute a precision plan so you get the best out of your crops.

You can simplify setting block and plant information using drone imagery Our functions include layered mapping, adding areas, drone and global imaging, added information of the crop in the block, and locating devices or areas on the farm. We are also able to offer custom imaging solutions on request.

Our operators are licensed and insured and we pride ourselves on the professional knowledge, technology, and skill within our unmanned aircraft operations.

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